A TEXT BOOK ON VETERINARY SURGERY AND RADIOLOGY BY S.K.Nandi, Samar Halder, Mozammel Hoque full pdf

A TEXT BOOK ON VETERINARY SURGERY AND RADIOLOGY BY S.K.Nandi, Samar Halder, Mozammel Hoque full pdf

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Welcome to my blog “veterinary worlds”. I am here with a new blog on book review on A TEXT BOOK ON VETERINARY SURGERY AND RADIOLOGY” BY – S.K.Nandi. This is an outstanding surgical book for under-graduate students of B.V.Sc. & A.H. Besides Post-graduate students, teachers and field practitioners will be able to derive much benefit from this book. Best book for preparation of ICAR/JRF.

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There was a long-felt demand from various corners of readers and professionals to update the book covering the the new syllabus of "Veterinary Surgery and Radiology" as prescribed by Veterinary Council of India. Authors feel happy to present his esteemed readers a thoroughly revised second edition of this important book as per the guidelines of Veterinary Council of India.

Veterinary Surgery is a comprehensive subject involving both sciences and art. It is a unique amalgamation of the knowledge of Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Anaesthesiology, Radiology and many other specialisations. Besides, there are additional problems of dealing with various species of farm animals, pet animals and birds. As surgery is a clinical science, apart from theoretical knowledge it should imbibe a practical demonstrative approach so as to make the reader a good teacher, surgeon and researcher.

There are a lot of books involving Small Animal Surgery, Large Animal Surgery, Radiology, Anaesthesiology, Surgical Pathology, Oncology, Ophthalmology, Cardiology, Avian Surgery, Equine Surgery, Bovine Surgery and so on. The students feel at sea when consulting these books to have basic information in Veterinary Surgery & Radiology' at under-graduate level. Further, the non-availability of these publications and their high cost are the other constraints. Veterinary Surgery has made considerable strides in recent years and the student needs to be abreast with the latest information in the discipline. Veterinary Council of India has introduced a uniform pattern of under-graduate course curriculum in Veterinary and Animal Husbandry throughout India.

Keeping all these points in view, we attempted to provide a comprehensive book that covers all the aspects of Veterinary Surgery and Radiology following the Veterinary Council of India (VCI) syllabus presently in vogue throughout India. Though it is very difficult to include all the minute details of this discipline into a single book, we tried to provide the information to the student in a semi outline format, point-wise especially for under-graduate students of B.V.Sc. & A.H. Besides Post-graduate students, teachers and field practitioners will be able to derive much benefit from this book.

We have tried to describe the text including many key points, considering information into tables and bullet form and illustrating procedures and surgical techniques with many simple line drawings. The inclusion of several photographs in different chapters obviously will be helpful for a better understanding of the students. We have correlated our own clinical experiences with information available in the literature and provided useful information in this book. At the end of the book, the addition of a chapter entitled "Glossary of Surgery" will definitely help to understand the terms and definitions related to Surgery.

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As ever before, the author is thankful to Raj Kumar of M/s Kalyani Publishers for his keen interest in the revision of the book. We are striving for continuous improvement of the book and welcome any comments or constructive criticism that will help to improve the future edition for the betterment of under-graduate students of B.V.Sc. & A.H. in particular and discipline as a whole.

Authors wise to put their appreciation to respective family members for their endurance, constant support and encouragement during the writing and acknowledge the facts with love and gratitude.






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1. Introduction

2. History and Development of Veterinary Surgery 

3. Suture Materials and Techniques 

4. Suture Techniques and Surgical knots 

5. Asepsis—Antisepsis and Sterilization

6. Inflammation, Abscess, Tumours, Cysts, Hernia etc. and their Treatment

7. Abscess

8. Tumours (Neoplasm)

9. Cyst

10. Hernia

11. Wound Healing

12. Shock

13. Haemorrhage and Haemostasis

14. Necrosis and Gangrene

15. Ulcer

16. Burn and Scald

17. Frost Bite

18. Principles of Fluid Therapy in Surgical Patients

19. Surgical Infections

20. Affections of Muscles, Arteries, Veins and Nerves




1. Development of Veterinary Anaesthesia and Its Importance in Veterinary Surgery

2. Preanaesthetic Considerations

3. Preanaesthetics

4. Local and Regional Analgesia/Anaesthesia

5. Narcosis

6. General Anaesthesia

7. Intravenous Anaesthesia

8. Inhalation Anaesthesia

9. Anaesthetic Emergencies and Remedies

10. Postoperative Pain Management

11. Chemical Restraint of Wild/Zoo Animals

12. Anaesthesia of Laboratory Animals



1. Introduction of Veterinary Radiology

2. Production and Properties of X-rays

3. Quality of Radiograph

4. X-ray Accessories

5. Intensifying Screens and Fluoroscopy

6. Radiographic Interpretation

7. Contrast Radiography

8. Radiation

9. Ultrasonography in Veterinary Practices

10. Radiotherapy and Isotopes

11. Diathermy and Ultrasonic Therapy

12. Advanced Imaging Techniques



1. Lip and Cheek Affections and How to Treat Them

2. Affections of Tongue and Their Treatment

3. Affections of Palate and Treatment

4. Affections of Nose and Treatment

5. Affections and Treatment of Guttural Pouch

6. Affections of Horn and Their Treatment

7. Teeth Affections and How to Treat Them

8. Affections of Salivary Glands and Their Treatment

9. Congenital Affections of Lower Jaw and Treatment 10. Affections of Ear and Treatment

11. Surgical Affections of the Eye

12. Surgical Affections of Eye

13. Affections of Cornea

14. Affections of the Lens and Other Lesions

15. Affections of Neck

16. Affection of Oesophagus



1. Surgical Approaches to the Thorax

2. Affections of Thorax

3. Traumatic Pericarditis of Cattle and Heart Worm Disease

4. Surgical Approach to the Abdomen

5. Hernia

6. Specific Hernia in Animals

7. Surgical Affections of the Stomach (in Dog)

8. Surgical Treatment for the Affections of Stomach in Ruminants

9. Surgical Affections of Intestine

10. Affections of Caecum and Rectum

11. Other Affections of Rectum and Anus

12. Urolithiasis

13. Surgical Affections of Male Reproductive System 14. Affections of Female Reproductive System Organs, Mammary, Gland and Tail


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1. Body Conformation in Relation to Lameness

2. Lameness

3. Shoulder Slip, Bicipital Bursitis, Omarthritis, Caped Elbow, Radial Paralysis, Carpitis, Bent Knee, Knock Knee

4. Hygroma, Open Knee Joint, Blemished Knee, Fracture of Carpal Bone, Accessory Carpal, Contraction of Digital Flexors

5. Splints, Sore Thin, Tendinitis, Wind Puffs, Seasamoiditis

6. Osselets, Ringbones, Quitter, Sidebones, Navicular Diseases, Pyramidal Disease, Fracture of Extensor Process

7. Laminitis, Sand Crack, Seedy Toe, Fractures of Third Phalanx, Pedal Osteitis and Sole Penetration

8. Canker, Thrush and Corn

9. Monday Morning Diseases, Cording up, Myositis of Psoas Muscle, lliac Thrombosis

10. Crual Paralysis, Sub-Luxation of Sacro-lliac Ligament, Rupture of Round Ligament, Trochanteric Bursitis

11. Upward Fixation of Patella, Stringhalt

12. Gonitis, Chondromalacia of Patella, Fracture of Fibula, Rupture of Tendo-achilles, Rupture of Peroneus Tertius, Fibrotic Myopathy and Ossifying Myopathy

13. Thoroughpin, Bog Spavin, Spavin, Curb and Capped Hock

14. Bovine Lameness

15. Specific Joint Diseases in Large Animals and Treatment

16. Specific Joint Diseases in Dogs and Their Treatment

17. Fracture and Dislocation

18. Affections of Tendon, Tendon Sheath, Bursa and Ligaments

19. Physiotherapy

20. Therapeutic Shoes and Corrective Shoeing

21. Examination of Animals for Soundness and Preparation of Soundness Certificate 

Glossary of Surgery

Model Questions

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