CINVEX is now INVES - Indian Veterinary drug index

CINVEX is now INVES-Index of veterinary specialities

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Welcome to my blog “veterinaryworlds”. I am here with a new blog on book review on “INVES” (Index of Veterinary Specialities).

The Book Current Index of Veterinary Specialities “CIVS” or “CINVEX” is now onwards called proudly as “INVES” (Index of Veterinary Specialties), nevertheless ‘Current Index of Veterinary Specialities’ will follow in all respects.


We all in the world of information technology, one can access the maximum information in minimum time span possible, most of the information an accessible arena are either superficial or too technical to follow, like the day today index is required to prescribe, use or recommend as a product available around us all around the year, at the local chemist and druggist shops.

The joy and feeling of comfort with books like INVES are incomparable to electronic information, once owned is forever unlike another format, which needs investment every visit. INVES delivers available product information and basic details of pharma agents.

All suggestions are accepted to improve the readability of the information. Readers can share useful information for the benefit of the professionals.

INVES received official credentials from copyright and trademark authorities in respective specialties.

It contains an entire range of medicine for Livestock, Pets, Poultry, Wildlife.


How to use this book

·      You must know the Trade Name/ Generic Name of the drug. Search the name on the index pages.

·      Go through the respective page and read carefully the Group, Class, Action, Dose , Indication, Precautions of the chosen drug.

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Drugs acting on the gastrointestinal system

Gastric acidity, peptic ulcer, GE reflex

Ant bloat/antizymotics

Antiinfectives- Gastrointestinal



Digestive stimulants/appetite inducers

Drugs acting on the Liver and billiary system

Laxatives and purgatives

Products for rumen functions


Drugs acting on cardiovascular, blood, and blood-forming systems





Drugs acting on hemopoietic organs

Inotropic agents



Drugs acting on nervous systems

Anticonvulsants / Antiepileptics


Tranquilizers/ sedatives


Behavior altering products


Drugs acting on the muscular skeleton system

Muscle relaxants

Anti-inflammatory- Nonsteroidal

Anti-inflammatory – Steroidal

Products for arthritis/joint protection


Drugs acting on the respiration system


Antitussives and mucolytics

Herbal preparations

Respiratory stimulants


Drugs acting on urogenital system


Herbal diuretics/alkalizers

Drugs for uroliths

Drugs acting on mammary glands


Drugs acting on the female genital system

Ovaries function influencing products-

    GnRH, HCG, PMS, steroidals harmones, PGs

Uterus function Influencing products

    PGs, Estrogens, oxytocin, etc

    Indigenous intra uterine products

Oestrous inducers


Drugs acting on the male genital system


Semen quality

Fertility enhancer

Performance boosters

Indigenous products


Products for infections and Infestations

Internal parasites





Ectoparasitic preparations


Anti Cancerous preparations

Anti-inflammatory preparations

Optholmic and Ear preparations


Dermatological preparations


Coat conditioners

Sprays, Shampoos, Soaps




Nutritional supplements

Amino Acids, Enzymes, Minerals, Prebiotics & Vitamins

Vaccines and Biologicals


Poultry section

Infections and Infestations

Antibacterials - Antibiotics

Antibacterials - Sulphonamides

Antibacterials – Fluroquinones and others

Drugs acting on internal parasites

Drugs acting on external parasites


Nutrition products

Nutrition – products

Hepatobilliary – Liver protectants and correctives

Antistress products

Growth promoters


Other products

Anti coccidials

Other nutrients

Vaccines and biological

Disinfectants and sanitizers


Knowledge updates

Vaccination schedule of Dogs & Cats Dermatology

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By-Dr. Jitendra kumar sahu  (B.V.Sc & A.H.)

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